StageWright Productions 

        Gary Watkins
I know your problem. You are teaching a junior high/middle school drama or theatre class, and you need a script.  Your students expect one, their parents expect one, and your principal expects one.  You've tried the usual sources--Bakers, Dramatists, Samuel French--and you're tired of trying to fit their scripts to your students' needs.  You don't want to handle risky subject matter with a class show, and your students are tired of playing animals because professional writers misjudge adolescent interests and abilities.

Years ago I became frustrated trying to order the types of play scripts my students would enjoy performing, so I began writing my own scripts.  These scripts succeeded frequently enough for me to offer them to other drama teachers in similar educational situations. 

I have just what you need.  Actually, I have over sixty--most funny, some touching, all easily mounted in any theatrical situation.  These scripts have all been successfully produced and staged in junior and senior high school environs.  They are all guaranteed to satisfy your students, their parents, and that principal.   

Most importantly, they are guaranteed to satisfy you.  Peruse the titles.  Find one you might like.  Order a preview copy of the script to see if it will work for you and your theatre troupe. 

If you don't find exactly what you want, I can modify or create any script according to your needs. Just let me know what you want: the special talents or limitations of your company, the restrictions of your stage, the desires and expectations of your staff.  I will construct a script custom designed to suit your needs.  Just ask Baker or French to do that!   

I've been teaching junior and senior high school English and staging junior/senior high school productions for over twenty-five years.  I know what you need, and I can help you fill those needs.